Before the Trip

Take a look a students’ reactions to their days in Los Angeles!

From Coast to Coast

By: Marissa Santorelli / * 1 New Email * “Congratulations! You have been accepted in the Hofstra in LA program!” My name is Marissa Santorelli and I am a senior with a major in television production and studies, and a minor in mass media studies. I was born and raised in Northern New Jersey by the most supportive family a girl (with very big … More From Coast to Coast

Surfs Up

By: Penelope Lopez / Hola, everyone! Welcome to the start of a new chapter in my life called nuevas posibilidades.  My name is Penelope Lopez and from the time I would wake up and get ready for school, the television would always be on broadcasting the news, the news in Spanish, of course. Living as … More Surfs Up

Get Ready for Me, LA

By: Julia Farella / Hello everyone! My name is Julia Farella and I am a video/television and film major at Hofstra University. I’m from a small town in New Jersey called Marlboro. Pursuing a career in film and television has been a dream of mine since I was little. When I was in elementary school, … More Get Ready for Me, LA

California is Calling

By: Emmeline Blaner / Hello! My name is Emmeline, and I am a senior at Hofstra studying television. Ever since my first visit in middle school, New York City was it for me. I loved the hustle and bustle, as well as staying true to my East Coast roots. However, during my past three and … More California is Calling

My Newest Adventure

By: Kathryn Harley / Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by the prospect of living in Los Angeles. It always seemed so glamorous and fun, yet so distant. Being from a small town in Upstate New York, it was difficult for me to imagine myself as someone working in the industry, let … More My Newest Adventure

Chasing a Dream

By: Paula Chirinos / Hello blogging world! My name is Paula Chirinos and I am close to fulfilling my dream of becoming a communications professional in the United States. I am currently studying public relations and global studies at Hofstra University, and with my senior graduation quickly approaching, I feel blessed to have the opportunity … More Chasing a Dream

On my way, LA

By: Jared Brown / Hello, blog readers! My name is Jared Brown, and I was recently afforded a tremendous opportunity by the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication at Hofstra University to participate in the prestigious “Hofstra in LA” program. I am a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in both mass media studies and rhetorical studies. … More On my way, LA

Back to LA

By: Kat Holm / My name is Kat Holm and I’m a junior, majoring in video/television and film. I’m from a very small town in Massachusetts and the high school I attended was small and limited. Since starting at Hofstra, I’ve tried to use every opportunity to further my knowledge of the industry and I … More Back to LA


By: Connie Tais / Here I come, L.A.!  Hello, my name is Connie, and I’m a senior in film studies and production at Hofstra University. The time is coming fast, and I couldn’t be more excited to trade the Atlantic Ocean for the Pacific and the snow for the sun, and see for the first … More DreamLAnd

From Fallon to Kimmel!

By: Christina Morgana / My name is Christina Morgana and I am a junior video/television major. I am involved in the HEAT Network, Hofstra’s television station, working from the control room into the studio. I am also a member of Zeta Phi Eta, the pre-professional communications fraternity, and Phi Eta Sigma, the national honor society, … More From Fallon to Kimmel!

Outside the New York Bubble

By: Caroline Lea / Hello! My name is Caroline and I am a senior video/television major from Richmond, Virginia. Growing up, I loved theater, photography and figure skating, so basically anything artistic and creative. When senior year of high school and college decisions came around, I knew I wanted a major that would challenge me but also … More Outside the New York Bubble

New Beginnings

By: Heather Konefsky / I’m Heather Konefsky and I’m a junior video/television and business major at Hofstra. I grew up in a small town outside of Philadelphia where I dreamed about going to school in a big city. Two years ago, I never could have imagined going to L.A. for a job, but now, I … More New Beginnings

My West Coast Adventure

By: Joe Gilberto / I could not be more excited to go to Los Angeles. Here in New York, the prospects for entertainment-based television feel so finite, but in Los Angeles the possibilities just seem endless. From single camera to animation, the options are vast and exciting. It truly feels like one is only limited by their own … More My West Coast Adventure

Make Room for Us, LA!

By: Aliyah Dinkins / Greetings, all! My name is Aliyah Dinkins. I am a senior television production and studies major from the esteemed Lawrence Hebert School of Communication, minoring in creative writing. Some interesting things about me are that I am the president of the Hofstra dance team TranscenDANCE, I am a photographer, a former … More Make Room for Us, LA!

Sunrises to Sunsets

By: Joe Unda / As the sun sets on this fall semester of 2019, I’m left with these few intermediate weeks to reflect, be with friends, family, and just breathe for a bit. While breathing is nice (in a few senses), I can’t help but think about what’s coming my way in January, 2,789.7 miles … More Sunrises to Sunsets