Enjoy these photos taken by our Hofstra in L.A. students!

NBC News L.A. by Jared Brown – 1/13/20
Breaking News by Jessica Zagacki – 1/13/20
Just enjoying the NBC hospitality by Michael Valentino – 1/13/20
I thought Hofstra had a lot of screens! by Christina Morgana – 1/13/20
During a week full of planning for adulthood, it was nice to be a child again and hop on the swingset by Emmeline Blaner – 1/12/20
Life is a game that goes around and around by Penelope Lopez – 1/12/20
Ferris wheel views by Julia Farella – 1/12/20
Santa Monica Pier by Jessica Zagacki – 1/12/20
Up..up.. and away? by Daniella Colletti – 1/12/20
Soaring high in Santa Monica Pier by Paula Chrinios – 1/12/20
Nailed it! by Kathryn Harley – 1/12/20
Observatory views by Jared Brown – 1/12/20
Riding L.A. by Connie Castilla – 1/12/20
On the Santa Monica boardwalk by Kat Holm – 1/12/20
Seas the day by Marissa Santorelli – 1/12/20
Da Boyz in Hofstra in L.A. by Michael Valentino – 1/12/20
 Stellar view credit to L.A. and sick sunglasses credit to Michael by Kalle Neuman – 1/12/20
Just casually hanging out in Santa Monica today by Caroline Lea – 1/12/20
Some amusing cool sights at the Santa Monica Pier! by Joe Gilberto – 1/12/20
Getting ready for the show by Aliyah Dinkins – 1/12/20
The sun was actually that bright all day by Heather Konefsky – 1/12/20
Rensselaer girls take on Santa Monica Pier by Christina Morgana – 1/12/20
Friends Forever by Jared Brown – 1/11/20
By Paula Chirinos – 1/11/20
Tea time by Aliyah Dinkins – 1/11/20
Hello, yes I don’t have anything going on at the moment by Kat Holm – 1/11/20
Roscoe’s by Jessica Zagacki -1/11/20
Take a look at the newly installed Warner Bros. sign! by Joe Gilberto – 1/11/20
Thank god we found the fountain our second day at Warner Bros. by Christina Morgana-1/11/20
The One Where We Find The Fountain by Marissa Santorelli – 1/11/20
A totally not photoshopped picture with Ellen Degeneres by Daniella Colletti – 1/11/20
The One Where We Saw the “Friends” Fountain by Caroline Lea – 1/11/20
Just making a few important phone calls by Kathryn Harley – 1/11/20
Where’s Ellen? by Penelope Lopez – 1/11/20
Views from behind the Hollywood sign! Not pictured: calves on fire from walking over three miles on a steep incline by Emmeline Blaner – 1/11/20
Let’s be Friends Forever by Connie Castilla – 1/11/20
The industry is very small, Michael ran into someone he interned within New York on the lot in L.A. by Michael Valentino – 1/11/20
He’s a lot taller in person by Kalle Neuman – 1/11/20
Hollywood hike things by Julia Farella – 1/11/20
View from the back of the Hollywood sign by Heather Konefsky – 1/11/20
All Fieri’ed Up and Ready to Go by Jessica Zagacki – 1/10/20
Warner Bros things by Julia Farella – 1/10/20
Jay Bastian’s office: he can never have too many cartoons by Emmeline Blaner – 1/10/20
Wheeling my way to my dreams by Penelope Lopez – 1/10/20
There’s nothing like exploring L.A. with your friends by Kathryn Harley – 1/10/20
Kristen V. Carter at “Republic of Pie” by Joe Gilberto – 1/10/20
Might not be a “Friends” fan, but an iconic spot by Daniella Colletti – 1/10/20
Statues by Paula Chirinos – 1/10/20
Warner Bros day by Jared Brown – 1/10/20
Stars are the limit by Connie Castilla – 1/10/20
Hey Hollywood, I’m here! By Kat Holm – 1/10/20
A star is born squared by Michael Valentino – 1/10/20
Backdrop for the famous FRIENDS intro by Christina Morgana – 1/10/20
Since the real fountain wasn’t there, I had to improvise by Caroline Lea – 1/10/20
Legendary representation on the Walk of Fame by Kalle Neuman – 1/10/20
Meeting with alumni and associate producer at E! News Nicole Brajer by Heather Konefsky – 1/10/20
 The milkshakes were worth the money by Aliyah Dinkins – 1/10/20
Found a star saved just for me on the Walk of Fame by Caroline Lea – 1/9/20
Beautiful views going up to Universal by Emmeline Blaner – 1/9/20
No better view than an L.A. sunset by Kathryn Harley – 1/9/20
Quick stop at the famous globe by Christina Morgana – 1/9/20
The palm trees and blue sky welcoming us to Universal Studios by Kalle Neuman – 1/9/20
Visiting the NBCUniversal L.A. office to speak with Dawn Olmstead ‘91 by Paula Chirinos – 1/9/20
An image of Michael Vito Valentino, famous person (in training), standing on the red carpet of Universal Studios Hollywood. This picture was taken right after a fantastic and very informative meeting with Dawn Olmstead, President of Universal Content Productions by Michael Valentino – 1/9/20
Palm trees and the L.A. breeze by Marissa Santorelli – 1/9/20
When I look up this is all is see by Aliyah Dinkins – 1/9/20
 Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. on CityWalk lunch break by Heather Konefsky – 1/9/20
Jess and Kat enjoying some ice cream at Afters after the alumni panel by Jessica Zagacki – 1/9/20
The NBCUniversal building which holds Universal Content Productions’ offices by Joe Gilberto – 1/9/20
blazin’ for dayz with Blaze pizza by Kat Holm – 1/9/20
Universal Life by Connie Castilla – 1/9/20
If you know me, you know this is extremely important to me by Daniella Colletti – 1/9/20
The world is your oyster, go and grab it by Penelope Lopez – 1/9/20
Time for meetings! by Julia Farella – 1/9/20
Dear L.A., I had a great day by Jared Brown – 1/9/20
Wild wild dreams by Connie Castilla – 1/8/20
First sunset in L.A. by Joe Gilberto – 1/8/20
A rare moment when there wasn’t traffic seen in Los Angeles by Daniella Colletti – 1/8/20
Our excitement triumphed over our tiredness even at 5:30 in the morning by Jared Brown – 1/8/20
The first L.A. sunset by Julia Farella – 1/8/20
The view from above by Kathryn Harley – 1/8/20
Enjoying the first bite in Cali by Emmeline Blaner – 1/8/20
Sunset on Sunset Boulevard by Jessica Zagacki – 1/8/20
Where are my bags? by Penelope Lopez – 1/8/20
The famous Double Double burger from In-N-Out by Paula Chirinos – 1/8/20
Finding stars on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame by Heather Konefsky – 1/8/20
This thing was gone in a matter of minutes by Joe Unda – 1/8/20
An image taken by Michael Valentino, displaying his view from the rooftop.  If you look carefully, you can catch the Paramount lot! by Michael Valentino – 1/8/20
The view from Emerson can be summed up with a Miley Cyrus quote: “Look to my right and I see the Hollywood sign!” by Caroline Lea – 1/8/20
View from my dorm by Kalle Neuman – 1/8/20
Hofstra students are making their mark 🙂 by Aliyah Dinkins – 1/8/20
My view of Hollywood Boulevard on the steps of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” by Christina Morgana – 1/8/20
Photoshoot at Emerson by Kat Holm – 1/8/20
Full heart and a full moon by Marissa Santorelli – 1/8/20