Day Three

That’s all folks!

By: Joe Gilberto

I have been in Los Angeles for only three days and I have already taken away so much from this trip. Today, I had the delight of meeting Kristen V. Carter, a Hofstra alumna who is now a very successful freelance writer and producer. I met her with two of my peers and she had an open and honest conversation with us about working hard, selling yourself, and negotiating for what you deserve. It can be so hard to start out in an industry and not really know what you are worth as a worker, so it was encouraging to have such a powerful woman tell us we do deserve more than we think.  It was also amazing for me meet her because she participated in a screenwriting fellowship, a path I am incredibly interested in pursuing. It was invaluable to talk with her about the benefits of the program and the lessons it taught her. I cannot wait to see her again at the DGA!

Later that day I got to meet an actual hero of mine, Jay Bastian (photo, above) of Warner Bros. Animation.  Since I started college I have always wanted to make a career in animated children’s television, so to meet the senior vice president of Warner Bros. Animation was astounding.  He was incredibly kind and encouraging. He advised people interested in a career in animated television to begin with a low level role to see all animated production has to offer and then see where you would like to go from there. We then had the delight of seeing around his fun and lively building, complete with his office stocked full of collectors items. It was truly a sight to behold. I will be eternally grateful to the Hofstra in L.A. program for allowing me to meet a hero of mine and helping me pursue my dream.

Walking with the stars

By: Connie Castilla

Today was a full day of learning. We separated in groups to meet various alumni professionals. Julia, Emmy and I met with Mike Boord, assistant editor for Ozark. He was really nice to explain the different steps of post-production and the people who are involved. He shared with us his career history, starting in New York and then moving to L.A. It was helpful to hear from his experience and gain more confidence on what we can do to start working in the industry.

Later, we met with Jay Bastian at Warner Bros. Animation. He is the senior vice president of series, and the person with the coolest office I have ever seen — he could have his own museum of toys and action figures! I was looking forward to this meeting since I am a big cartoons fan, especially after having taken a class in animation which I really enjoyed. He was super nice by describing to us his role as SVP. He explained to us how Warner Bros. takes beloved shows from the past and bring them to new audiences. They do that by incorporating modern formats but still preserving the essence of the original shows. I certainly learned a lot from meeting with him.

Our day concluded looking at the stars –not the ones in the sky but the ones on the Walk of Fame! I found some stars from my favorite celebrities such as Gene Kelly, Hugh Jackman, Martin Scorsese, Anne Hathaway and Lou Costello. It was something I have dreamed to see.

The stars are the limit!

Thank you L.A.

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By: Kat Holm

It seems like each day we stay in L.A., the crazier things get. The day started off with Joe and I heading towards the Google offices, which were an hour away with L.A. traffic. The long journey became worth it as soon as we walked into the building to admire the gorgeous interior design. The Google offices are located inside a large warehouse that contains several smaller buildings inside. Before Google took over the warehouse, the building was previously used to shoot scenes from several well-known blockbuster films such as “Ironman,” “Titanic” and “Avatar”. We met with Angel Acevedo, an alumnus who currently works as the head of post production for YouTube Originals. I was very interested to hear how Angel co-founded the Hofstra Filmmakers Club back in the day and took notes for the Hofstra YouTube Club, a new club that I co-founded last spring. After discussing our goals and questions about the industry, we entered the infamous Google dining facility. Joe and I went back and forth eating all that we could from Google’s delicious menu. I couldn’t help thinking, “I could get used to this!”

Later in the day, we visited Warner Brothers Animation where a few others and I fangirled over “Teen Titans” and other cartoons from our childhood. I learned that Jay Bastian, SVP Series, has the coolest office in the world. After Warner Bros., the fangirling continued when we arrived at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. On the way back to our dorms, we encountered some authentic L.A. locals and learned that Paul Rudd shops at the Trader Joe’s next to the Emerson campus. I can’t wait to see what craziness tomorrow will bring!

Networking’s for robots…create relationships!

By: Michael Valentino

Today, I had the privilege of visiting the “Republic of Pie” to meet with Kristen V. Carter, a director, producer, writer, and overall great human being. She gave so much valuable advice and insights about the industry based on her unbelievable amount of experience.  

Kristen spoke about the do’s and don’ts of communicating with other professionals, the value of having a mentor, the art of negotiation, and quite possible the best advice: to create real relationships instead of “transactional” ones. Personally, I hate the word network; it sounds way too robotic. I much rather create a meaningful relationship with someone because at the end of the day, that is what brings trust and a lasting effect.  I am very grateful to Kristen for giving us her time, as she was very busy handling a million different things but was kind enough to give us her attention. I am also super excited to stay in touch with her. 

We then visited Warner Bros. Animation and it was truly something special. We got to speak with Jay Bastian and hear about his unbelievable career working in animation. It was very thrilling to speak with someone who is a force behind some of our favorite cartoons. For me, getting to learn about his work on the “Scooby Doo” franchise was very exciting and enlightening.  

He then took us on a tour of some of the sets on the lot. Although they have recently removed it, we visited the site where they filmed the opening theme of “Friends.” I pulled out my phone to compare the theme to the location and was in absolute awe.  

Today was truly something special.

Google this

By: Joe Unda

Though we’ve spent only a short time here in L.A., today was by far the most eye-opening day yet. After waking my body up with a much-needed iced coffee, I hopped into an Uber, and headed to Playa Vista to meet with the very talented, experienced alumnus of Hofstra, Angel Acevedo. 

Angel is the head of post production for YouTube Original Series, but before I get to our meeting and conversation, I felt it be necessary to briefly mention what exactly the Google office that Angel works at is. The office itself is inside an airplane hangar that used to hold the world’s largest wooden plane ever built. Yes, that’s correct, an airplane hangar. The walls extended upwards to the heavens, the building itself never seemed to end. This place immediately seemed like an amazing place to work. 

Angel had such an incredible, admirable story. He spoke of his experience freelancing, basically doing any work he could to gain the experience, contacts, and money to push himself forward. He spoke of how he and his friends enjoyed getting together in their free time and just making films and videos they wanted (something I really resonated with). After graduating Hofstra, they had the idea of a series they wrote titled, “We Need Girlfriends” and simply went out on their own and made it. They took their finished product and posted it on new and popular platforms at the time in 2006, YouTube and Myspace. 

The show got attention quickly, and they were soon in the buildings of CBS and Comedy Central pitching their show for television. I was in awe of how a simple, fun project with some friends turned into something much bigger than first thought up. Angel had some great advice and input, and I really appreciated him dedicating time out of his busy day to share his story. 

Next up was yet another fascinating meeting with Jay Bastian of Warner Bros. Animation. Jay had worked previously on so many animated series that were a huge part of not just mine, but all of our childhoods. It was really quite surreal to see one of the people behind the creative process of some of the most beloved cartoons that I watched growing up. He really seemed to have such a love for what he does, and the art of cartoons in general, even speaking about cartoons that he loved from networks other that his own, which was really admirable. Jay took us for a little walk around some of the Warner Bros. sets where I saw houses that were featured in shows and movies I had seen such as the series “The Middle.” It was truly an extremely enjoyable couple of hours with Jay. 

Today was a lot to take in, but I’m certainly ready for more. Let’s go, day four. 

Who would have thought?

By: Aliyah Dinkins

Yet another day has left me practically speechless. Between visiting ABC Studios and Warner Brothers Animation, I was able to visit the set of “Mixed-Ish”, meet creatives who were personally responsible for creating the cartoons that transformed my childhood, and see the pool where the film “Project X” was filmed. Not to mention, I had more fantastic networking opportunities and got the inside scoop on an upcoming animated series that just got greenlit. 

Since so many astronomical things seem to happen each day we spend here in L.A., it becomes difficult to go into to detail about each and every event. Even though I find every encounter I have to be extremely significant, the thing that stood out to me the most today was getting a sneak peek of an animated series that was recently greenlit at Warner Bros. Animation. Although I obviously cannot divulge the series premise or any other relevant details, it’s vital to mention that I felt completely engulfed in the content. After the screening, I realized that I had come up with pitches in my mind to help make it better. Acknowledging this really opened my eyes to an interest of mine. I often talk about wanting to break into animation, but since I don’t know how to animate yet, I found the dream to be impractical. With that being said, watching that fleshed out animatic reminded me of the burning passion I have for animation that I had been suppressing. And I now have the confidence to see it through! Until we meet again… 

Lots of lot tours

By: Heather Konefsky

Today was the second full day in Los Angeles. We started the day in smaller groups than usual. Our groups were paired with a professional who our professors thought would be a good match for our goals. My group consisted of Marissa, Penelope and me, and we met with Nicole Brajer. Nicole is a graphics and photo associate producer at E! Networks. She was very honest about her experience at her previous jobs and during college. Since she is a relatively recent graduate, she was able to tell us what she regretted not doing in college.

We began the meeting with a tour of the NBC lots and then moved to a conference room. When talking with Nicole, her work ethic really impressed me. She told us to always keep husting and always be doing side jobs and freelance work, even while you have a full-time job. This helps build your brand and a portfolio or reel. I always hear in this industry, it is who you know, not what you know. After speaking with Nicole, I realized that who she knows came from what she knows. Every connection she has made has come from someone noticing the hard work and the many hours she puts into her job. She also told us to be yourself and not worry about the amount of likes or followers you have.

Our second and last meeting of the day was with Jay Bastian at Warner Bros. He explained his job as senior vice president as being the first audience for an artist. Jay also showed us an animatic for a new show Warner Bros. Animation is developing. This really gave me an insight into the process of creating an animated show. Before this meeting, it was hard for me to imagine how an animated show goes from an idea to a finished product. He taught us that some shows go from an outline to a script and then into the storyboard. Others go straight from a very detailed outline into the storyboard. This makes the job of creating storyboards vastly different, depending on which show you are working on. At the end of the meeting, Jay walked us around the lot and showed us different houses where movies and shows were filmed and where the fountain from the “Friends” intro once was.

Overall, today made me even more excited for the future. My meeting with Nicole made me less worried about not having connections because I can work my way into the places I want to get, and the meeting with Jay taught me about a portion of the industry that I previously knew very little about.

A day to remember

By: Kalle Neuman

Today was yet another incredible day that I hope I never forget. I was fortunate enough to have my small-group meeting with Ray Paolantonio, the VP of daytime programming at CBS. It was just Jared and I who got to meet with him and we were both so thankful for the opportunity. We were able to roam around the CBS lot by ourselves and see a lot of sets and studios that blew our minds. The best part of the day by far though was the actual meeting with Ray. I was so nervous and intimidated going into it, but as soon as we stepped into his office that went away. He gave us so much advice, and was genuinely interested in us and we were so fascinated by his story that the time flew by. He was so funny and relaxed that it felt like a normal, fun conversation. I wish we could’ve spent a whole day there because it was just amazing. It was such a fun and unique experience that I didn’t want to end. I honestly think it will be hard for this meeting to not be the highlight of the trip, but I guess we do still have eight days left.

The second meeting of the day was also amazing, and the nostalgia of everything at Warner Bros. Animation made me slightly emotional, but I held it in. As a kid, I was obsessed with “Looney Tunes,” so getting to see the posters and watch an old episode of “Bugs Bunny” was absolutely incredible. As a child, I dressed up as Bugs Bunny for Halloween for three years in a row. So I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel like a kid again while walking around the studios. Sadly the iconic “Friends” fountain was gone, but I still got to stand in the place where it used to be and where the cast filmed the intro, so that was still awesome.

After that, the group went to dinner and walked around the Walk of Fame and had a great time. Every second of this trip has felt like a dream and my brain still hasn’t fully comprehended that I’m actually here in L.A. and getting to do these once-in-a-lifetime things with people that I enjoy so much. This trip is going to stay with me forever.

A day for the books

By: Marissa Santorelli

Today was amazing on so many different levels. I began my professional agenda with a private meeting, alongside Heather and Penelope, with Nicole Brajer. Nicole is currently a graphics and photo AP for E! News and E! Entertainment, among many other roles. She also has a great background in on-air talent and marketing. Nicole is a woman of many trades, and sat down with us to tell us all about her journey from Hofstra University to L.A. She took us around the NBC lot where we got to walk past many studios of the live shows we see daily including “​The Kelly Clarkson Show” ​and ​”The Voice.” W​e met her entire team and sat down and spoke for almost an hour and a half. I was able to tell her about my aspirations and ask for much needed advice. She was excited about the industry, invested in our journeys and listened to us so intently. We asked so many questions and she answered them honestly, kindly and thoroughly. She is a girl from a small town in New Jersey, very much like myself, so I was especially inspired when she told us about her journey moving from coast to coast right out of graduation. She is one of the most driven people I have had the pleasure to meet thus far, and so lucky to have had the opportunity to sit down with her.

From NBC, we met back up with the group at Warner Bros. Animation, and had the chance to sit down with another noteworthy alumnus, Jay Bastian, SVP. He showed us an incredible sizzle reel and displayed an episode of ​”Looney Tunes.” ​We had an absolute blast! He discussed his role in the company, explaining all of the moving parts of putting on an animated production and enlightened us on how involved Warner Bros. truly is in this industry. It was incredible to see all of the work this company has done and nostalgic to reminisce on how much of their content has impacted my life growing up. Ray then took us on a tour of the lot, where we got to see all of the houses built for specific movies and series shot there. It was an amazing experience, especially when he let us see his office (it was FILLED with collectors items… FILLED).

Afterwards we took the bus to Hollywood Boulevard and experienced our own adventures before we wrapped for the day. Today was definitely one for the books… it was insightful, eye-opening and truly made my heart feel so full.

Gosh, I love L.A.

The Backlots

By: Caroline Lea

Today was a fun day of meetings and backlot adventures. First thing this morning, Christina and I headed back to NBC to meet with an alumna, Shari Einstein. She is a manager of content planning and strategy at E! Networks. Shari was super down to earth and, to Christina and my surprise, offered to take us down to the backlot of Universal. We had a great time walking around and chatting while secretly looking for celebrities and peeking at sets. We were able to see the lot where “Back to the Future” and “Hairspray Live” were filmed, which was very cool and even peek around the outside of the set of “The Voice.” Christina and I both would love to work on a network show one day, so this was such a fun moment for us. 

After a quick break for lunch and regrouping with everyone else on the trip, we hopped on the bus to Warner Bros. Animation. After a fun meeting where we discussed animation with Jay Bastian, another Hofstra alum and the senior vice president of series. After viewing a few cartoons and stopping at Mr. Bastian’s incredibly decorated office, we headed to the Warner Brothers lot. To our disappointment, the iconic “Friends” fountain had been moved; but, to my surprise, we got to see the house from “The Middle” as well as the used car dealership where Frankie, one of the show’s main characters, works. Being able to see numerous filming locations of shows and movies I know and love was a great way to spend today!

Entertained by E!

By: Christina Morgana

Another day in beautiful Los Angeles! Today, we had the amazing opportunity to split into groups of two or three to meet with people in the industry whose job we may want to pursue in the future. Caroline and I returned to NBC and met with Shari Einstein, the manager for content planning and strategy at E! Entertainment TV. She has mainly stayed with the NBC world from Bravo to NBCUniversal to E! Currently, she deals with promos for the channel and other platforms. Additionally, she works with graphics placement, language censorship and super teases, which entices the viewer to watch the upcoming season of a show. Her job is very hands-on which is her favorite element of her field. Caroline and I both got to ask questions about how Hofstra impacted her career and what advice she had for us about internships and future jobs. My favorite part of the meeting was when we got to walk around the NBC lots and see different sets used for promotions, movies and TV shows. My nerdiest moment of the trip so far happened when we approached the set from “Back to the Future,” the town street and the city hall. We then returned to her office and said our final goodbyes. 

Next, Caroline and I wandered into the Funko store to see figures from Cap’n Crunch to Scuttle from the “Little Mermaid.” After a delicious quinoa bowl, we headed to Warner Bros. Animation to meet with Jay Bastian, SVP for series. He showed us clips from some of the shows he worked on: “Looney Tunes,” a reel of WB Animation and their new project, “Jellystone.” Jellystone is definitely embracing the recent resurgence of nostalgia, incorporating all the old Hanna Barbera characters. He showed us an animatic of “Jellystone,” which is a more fleshed out storyboard. Then, we got a tour of the offices in WB Animation. Overall, another great day in L.A. and I cannot wait to return to Warner Bros. tomorrow for the studio tour. 

Reach for the stars

By: Julia Farella

The first meeting I had today was with Michael Boord who is an editor on the hit Netflix show “Ozark.” Being a fan of Netflix’s scripted television series, I was really excited to meet with him today. The main piece of advice that I came away from the meeting is to not be afraid to put yourself out there. Make cold calls to production companies, take jobs that seem a little scary, and always pursue your goals. Michael also told us to never stay at a job that doesn’t want to help you grow professionally. It’s important that the companies we work for and the people we work with to help us continuously move up the professional ladder. I was also extremely interested in what goes into editing a show for a massive company like Netflix and what steps you have to take in order to reach that position. After meeting with Michael, I left with more confidence to make those phone calls to large production companies and to start marketing myself for entry level positions such as a production assistant for set or post. 

After meeting with Michael we had the pleasure to visit Warner Bros. Animation and meet with Jay Bastian. When I was first researching the work that he had done, I was extremely excited to see that he had worked on some of my favorite shows at Cartoon Network such as “Chowder”, “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy” and “Ed, Edd, n Eddy.” Animated television series are something that I have loved since I was a child but never had the talent to draw or pursue art. After meeting with Mr. Bastian today, I learned that there were so many other options to get into the animated series business. There are career paths for editors, writers, and developers that keep you involved in the genre. This was extremely exciting to hear because before then I have written off animated television because I didn’t think there was a space for me. But now I’m definitely going to be looking into this career path and see if this is the right area for me. Not only was meeting wonderful but the lot itself was a dream. To see different sets where films such as “American Beauty” were filmed was a dream come true. I was so starstruck that I could barely process what was going on until we were back at the bus. 

The overall word to describe my feelings of today is hopeful. Hopeful that I can pursue a career in a field that I love and hopeful for my future in Los Angeles. The people we met today have truly inspired me to put myself out there and run, not walk, towards my dreams and for that I am forever grateful. 

New Yorker for life! Or not?

By: Daniella Colletti

Although today was only day two of meeting entertainment industry professionals, it started to become more real in my mind thinking about how I could be one of these professionals in L.A. someday.  I’ve always been set on staying in New York and hopefully traveling to L.A. for events or other work-related reasons. This has begun to change the longer I stay in this beautiful city.  

The next professional part of the day included meeting Jay Bastian from Warner Brothers Animation. From someone who grew up watching cartoons, as many of us did, it was so interesting to learn more about the behind-the-scenes work. Talking about how cartoons “got away with” saying certain things you can’t say now on TV put it into perspective of how much television, specifically cartoons, have changed over the years. Jay’s extended experience in animation helped us gain an insight into the process of creating a great animated show.

Friday in L.A.

By: Jared Brown

Expectedly, L.A. did not disappoint today. This morning each student was privileged to meet with a specific media professional. I was fortunate to meet with Ray Paolantonio, the vice president of daytime programming for CBS. At arrival, it was surreal to be standing on the CBS lot. While walking to the building in which the meeting was being held, I passed the sets of many popular television shows, including “The Last Man Standing”, “American Housewife”, and more. Immediately when I introduced myself to Ray, he was immensely personable. He taught me about the industry by discussing the various responsibilities he has. He is a liaison between the production company and the network, which is a demanding responsibility.

Additionally, he assesses content to recognize the educational value to comply with FCC regulations. In the discussion, the process appeared overwhelming, but Paolantonio made it seem uncomplicated. This experience was life-changing because Ray’s dedication is unparalleled to anyone I have ever met in the business. Not only did this experience connect me with a mentor, but I also made a friend. 

After lunch on Hollywood Blvd, we took a bus ride to Warner Brothers Animation for a meeting with Jay Bastian. Bastian is a senior vice president who oversees animation at Warner Bros. In the session, we discussed how the genre of animation has shifted over the years. Also, we discussed some of his upcoming projects. Specifically, I learned that they focus on a specific target audience with a goal in mind. Interestingly, I learned that animation is usually outsourced overseas to be produced. Sometimes this is challenging because a lot of the animations now are complex characters, in simple situations. Animation is an interesting and expensive genre, and when the meeting was over, Bastian was kind enough to give us a tour of the offices, and the WB lot itself. 

For dinner, I had a great time discussing with my friends about the day of memorable experiences. Thank you for another phenomenal day, L.A. 

Be the person they’d go camping with

By: Emmeline Blaner

We started off the morning breaking off into small groups to attend meetings with professionals in an area that was interesting to specific people on the trip. Julia, Connie and I were able to meet up with Mike Boord, who is currently an assistant editor for the Netflix series, “Ozark.” This meeting was very helpful, and Mr. Boord gave us a ton of advice on getting your foot in the door in the space of scripted television content. The best piece I took away was that you shouldn’t stay in one job for too long, but rather stay for a year or so and then move on to the next one in order to grow your skills and repertoire. He also told us that it’s possible to sidestep into whatever job or position you want with enough effort and hard work. He started off working in live-to-tape television for the soap opera, “All My Children,” but found that it wasn’t the right path for him, so he found his way to editing. This was inspiring to me because I’ve only interned in cable news and I hope to bridge my way over to entertainment eventually.

After lunch, we met with Jay Bastian, the senior vice president of series at Warner Bros. Animation. It was intriguing to learn about the world of animation, since it’s not an area of the industry that is usually covered at Hofstra. This meeting was nostalgic since Mr. Bastian talked about how classic characters, such as the ones from the Hanna-Barbera library, are re-worked into new shows for younger generations. We viewed an animatic, which is a rough version of an animation storyboard, for a new show in development. One thing he said that stuck out to me was, “You only hire people you would want to go camping with.” It was a reminder that not every job is going to be a perfect fit, and that’s okay.

These first two days were a perfect way to start to trip, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the weekend brings!

The meeting for pie that changed my life

By: Jessica Zagacki

My day began at The Republic of Pie (which is quite “pie”ssobly one of the cutest and most delicious cafes I’ve ever been to) for a meeting with Kristen V. Carter, a Hofstra alumna, writer, director, and producer with an impressive, expansive, and eclectic career trajectory. Ms. Carter has worked on “The Voice”, “Black Girls Rock”, and “Cupcake Wars”, among many other successful shows and projects. She is also a businesswoman who founded her multimedia company, JazziDreamer Entertainment LLC. As two of my peers and I sat down with Ms. Carter over coffees, teas, and, of course, pie (the earl grey cream pie is truly a magical experience), it immediately made sense to me why Ms. Carter is so successful working in the television industry and working as an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Her energy is electric, her attitude is positive and humble, and it was clear to me that she is an extremely hardworking and passionate media professional. We all learned more about each other and Ms. Carter’s industry experience while she passed on several pieces of valuable advice to us. Some of the words of wisdom that will stick with me include the importance of informational interviews with companies and professionals that you admire, the importance of finding a mentor/mentors in this industry, and the fact that relationships should be genuine rather than transactional. I will also always remember what Ms. Carter said about the need to work hard, go for your dreams, and avoid comparing yourself to others. 

These were points that heavily resonated with me. Most of my life, I’ve had a tendency to doubt myself and count myself out before I even give myself the chance to do something. I would often compare myself, my knowledge, and my skills to other people, immediately feeling inferior and inadequate. I was my own worst enemy, preventing myself from projecting myself forward and following my dreams. In fact, I originally didn’t think I had a chance to be accepted into the Hofstra in L.A. program. I had wanted to go on this trip ever since I found out about it freshman year, but I knew it was highly competitive and I didn’t think I would be selected. 

However, something inside of me was gnawing at me, urging me to apply. So, a half an hour before the application deadline, I handed in my application and the rest is history. When I found out that I was accepted to this trip, I started crying (happy tears, of course). I couldn’t believe that my lifelong dream of coming out to L.A. was finally a tangible reality, and after just a few exhausting yet exhilarating couple of days out here, I can already tell that applying to and going on this trip was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I already know it is going to change my life and my career path forever, in the best way possible. After my meeting with Ms. Carter, I was immediately ignited with a desire to write a script, explore possibilities, immerse myself in my industry, and take myself and my future seriously. Moral of the story: work hard, believe in yourself, go for your dreams, be open to new opportunities and relationships, and don’t forget to grab life, or pie, one slice at a time because you never know what you will find.

Invest in Yourself

By: Penelope Lopez

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with Nicole Brajer, who is an associate graphics producer at E! Entertainment. As I was waiting for Ms. Brajer to come down and talk to us, I was extremely nervous. It turns out she’s human, too, and I had nothing to worry about! The first thing we did to break the ice was walk around the NBC Universal lot. Here, we were able to see where they shoot “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and many more. After the lovely tour, we walked back to the E! Entertainment news floor. Without a doubt, it was one of the most iconic moments thus far. Imagine watching “Daily and Nightly Pop” from your phone or television screen, and now you have the opportunity to walk into the studio where all of the magic happens. Not to mention, the producers on the floor had a live cutout of Beyoncé. 

On another note, I gained useful and insightful information while talking to Ms. Brajer about the industry and how it differs in New York and California. Additionally, I learned that in order to thrive in this business you must be willing to brand yourself to everyone you meet because that connection may land you in the position you may have always wanted. Ms.Brajer discussed the importance of investing in yourself in the manner of taking the time to create reels, content, working for free to get your foot in the door, and going above and beyond to market yourself. Another helpful tip that she mentioned that goes along with my self-care journey was to not compare myself to others. I believe that in this industry there are times where it may be inevitable to compare; however, remaining grounded and accepting that every blessing that is meant for you will come and that is truly the path to a positive outlook. 

A Day to remember

By: Kathryn Harley

When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t have even imagine how much the day would impact me not only this trip, but for the direction of my career. Today, my fellow PR major, Paula, and I got to meet with Hofstra alum Chris Maguire, a day to day artist manager at Career Artist Management.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect going into the meeting; I had always found artist management fascinating, but had never had the outlet to learn about it in depth. I’m interested in working directly with artists in the future, so as soon as I learned we would be meeting with Chris, I was incredibly excited. Paula and I made our way over to his office in the morning, both of us excited yet still a bit nervous. 

As soon as we met Chris, we knew that we had no reason to be nervous at all. Though his career is incredibly busy, he was more than willing to take the time out of his day to show Paula and I around his office, answering any questions we had along the way. We took a tour of the Career Artist Management office as well as that of Fullstop Management, another organization dedicated to artist management. In our meeting we learned all about his day-to-day responsibilities, start in the industry, and his interactions with artists as well as record labels. Our time with Chris was completely transformative to me and my vision for my professional endeavors. 

As we said goodbye, I was absolutely buzzing. After hearing about Chris’ role and experiences, I could see myself one day taking on a similar position. For the first time, I could genuinely picture myself living and working out here in L.A. I’ve always been focused solely on PR endeavors, but our meeting today opened up my horizons to the variety of careers I could pursue relating to my major. Thank you Chris! 

Afterwards, Paula and I explored the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) campus and decided to have lunch there to compare their food to Hofstra’s. As I’m sure everyone will be happy to hear, I preferred Hofstra’s food by far! Paula and I had an amazing time getting to know each other better and share this wonderful experience. I can’t wait to continue to grow our friendship throughout this trip. 

To finish off this wonderful day, we visited Jay Bastain, the SVP of series at WB Animation. Jay told us all about his role at the company and in animation, a medium that’s always peaked my interest but that I’ve never had the opportunity to learn more about. We had a great time learning from Jay, and I can’t wait to see the new adventures that tomorrow brings!

Day three: childhood memories

By: Paula Chirinos

Today I got to relive my childhood, visit UCLA’s campus, meet Adam Levine and Maroon 5’s manager, and tour around the Hollywood Walk of Fame (only in Los Angeles can I do all of these within a day). 

To start off the day, one of my peers and I visited the Career Artist Management office where we were greeted by Chris Maguire, day to day artist manager of Maroon 5 and Adam Levine. Maguire also happens to be a Hofstra graduate. He graciously treated us to a cup of cold brew coffee and answer all our questions regarding his relationship with one of the biggest bands in the world and general life advice. After our meeting, my peer and I decided to stay in the area and grab lunch at the gorgeous UCLA campus.

Once we joined the rest of our classmates, we then headed to Warner Bros. Studios to visit Jay Bastian, senior vice president of Warner Bros. Animation. At the start of the meeting, we were treated to a fun episode of Looney Tunes and got to learn about Jay’s experience in getting to work on iconic TV shows that I grew up watching, such as “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy,” “Courage the Cowardly Dog” and the Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Before we left, I got to let him know how strongly these shows shaped me and my brother’s childhood, as we made sure to tune in every day after we got back from school. 

The final highlight was our visit to the Hollywood Walk of Fame where I got to take photos next to the stars of my favorite celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds (my future husband–sorry Blake Lively) and Gene Kelly. I truly feel like I was among the stars and am excited to meet even more accomplished executives on our trip.