Day Six

Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Hofstra

By: Joe Gilberto

Today was yet again another sunny day here in California. We did a lot today, meeting with three different companies. First up was the legendary Mark Bracco, executive vice president of Dick Clark Productions. Mark was an amazing speaker and told us all the ins and outs of Dick Clark Productions from the “American Music Awards” to the “Golden Globes.”  He gave invaluable advice about how to start out as the best assistant you can be, a very important step in the entertainment industry. He was so willing to share his vast amount of experience with all of us at “Hofstra in L.A.” and I know it was dearly appreciated by us all.

From there, we went over to Netflix, which was just a stone’s throw away.  There, we got to meet Glenn Nanno, a product manager for Netflix’s original films and documentaries. He provided amazing insight into how Netflix works to provide their members with the best experience possible. He also introduced us to Mandy Beckner, a manager of independent films at Netflix, who told us about the process of identifying viable properties and turning them into award winning or audience garnering films. Netflix was an amazing company to tour, and it was great to see so many hard-working people all dedicated to making outstanding television and films.

Finally, we stopped at NBC’s L.A. News Bureau, which was especially exciting for me since it directly works with the NBC News network desk in New York, where I intern. It was amazing to see how the assignment desk and studios were similar and different from its New York counterpart, and it was fun to meet all the people who used to work with my superiors. It was a blast and we got to have an honest and open conversation about the news with Correspondent Gadi Schwartz. NBC News was so welcoming and inspiring and it made me even more excited to return to my internship.

Rockin’ New Year’s Eve

By: Connie Castilla

“Never feel too comfortable and work hard.” That was a phrase that stuck with me today. Alumni Mark Bracco said it during our first meeting when he talked about his career path in live entertainment. He is the executive vice president of Dick Clark Productions. Dick Clark produces televised live events such as the “Billboard Awards,” the “Golden Globes” and the “New Year’s Rockin Eve” performances. I relate with the last one because just last New Year’s Eve, I went to see the ball drop in Times Square along with the various performances. It was – among many things — a memorable experience, so I felt very excited to meet the person and company behind all the planning for that event. Honestly, I didn’t think that there were production companies specialized in live events, so it was very interesting to be exposed to a new type of career in the industry.

He also talked about the different PA entry level positions and how we could start in the industry. One of the major takeaways from him was: “Show genuine passion.” He told us that no matter the field we are interested in, if we are passionate about it and see jobs not only as work but as something that we genuine love, we will succeed. It was inspiring to see his honesty and care for music and the industry.

He was one of the great professionals and alumni we met today, and I’m so excited for tomorrow!

Hofstra in L.A.’s Rockin’ Morning: a Dick Clark production

By: Michael Valentino

Today, we had the pleasure of meeting with Mark Bracco from Dick Clark Productions.  If this trip has done anything, it has opened my eyes to the vast and quite frankly, underrated alumni network that Hofstra has. Who would have thought that a Hofstra grad would run the company responsible for so many of my favorite annual television moments? 

Mark spoke to us about a variety of topics and really enlightened us on the inner workings of the industry and how exactly we could get our start. He mentioned what he looked for in an assistant and reaffirmed what I had heard from others: he wants someone with experience and looks for people who were assistants at agencies. As I begin my career, this is definitely something that I will continue to consider.  

We also discussed how the talent department works at Dick Clark. I was really interested in what Mark had to say because Dick Clark Productions has many productions occurring throughout the year that need talent for many different aspects of each show. These can include presenters, performers, and even hosts of the award show. I was most surprised to hear that booking doesn’t always fall on the inhouse talent bookers, but freelance teams are also used and sometimes, depending on his relationship, Mark will book specific talent.  

What was most interesting was hearing about the live aspects of executing an award show. It’s live, so things go wrong. Mark explained some of the things to look out for and how to deal with these kinds of situations. Overall, what Mark taught us can be applied across the entertainment industry when crises arise.  

Netflix and thrill

By: Joe Unda

Today was in a word: insightful. In each of our three visits, I got looks into productions and programming that have been a part of my entire life, things that I often wondered, who does this? How does this work? Today, I got answers.

Meeting one was with Mark Bracco, the EVP of programming and development at Dick Clark Productions. I was familiar with Dick Clark Productions, watching “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” year after year, but Mark and the production team’s responsibilities go far beyond just that annual show. Big award shows such as the “Golden Globes,” the “AMAs,” and so much more are their agenda for the year. This is something I found interesting, as their schedule is simply a cycle of a year with all of these programs. I was fascinated by all of the inside information Mark shared with us: how rehearsals go, how they book and schedule talent, and just how much really goes into each show. I could’ve just sat and listened to the stories Mark has collected over the years. 

We then took a five-minute walk over to Netflix, where we met with Glenn Nanno and Amanda Beckner. The building and workplace itself was incredible with a modern design, good atmosphere, and of course, free drinks and snacks on every floor. We entered our round-couched conference room and really got into some great detail about how Netflix provides and decides on what content to both create and promote. There is such a large, important side of Netflix outside of the content itself that I knew existed but never really thought about. There have been many times on this trip already I’ve been struck like this, as I am so glad to be learning more and more about the business side of entertainment. 

Our day ended over at NBC News, where we got to meet the talented Gadi Schwartz, Steve Patterson, Zoya Taylor, and Polly Powell. This is an incredible team of people that help bring NBC News to the country on multiple platforms. We got to take a look inside the control room during “Nightly News,” and when I say I was stressed out just standing in the vicinity of that process, I mean it. It’s really amazing what goes into a single broadcast. We then got to sit down with Gadi, which became my favorite part of the day. He asked us a lot about how we get our news. This was a very personable, impactful conversation. He cared about what we had to say, and that meant a lot. 

Day seven, here we come. 

I’m Marissa Santorelli, reporting LIVE from Los Angeles

By: Marissa Santorelli

Today was an incredible day! We first met an alumni Mark Bracco, who is an executive of Dick Clark Productions, at Emerson College. We watched the most amazing reel from awards shows he has worked on and really got to know him through his shared experiences. After a delicious brunch, we then traveled next door to Netflix and discussed the rapidly evolving world of streaming. Then, my personal favorite part of the day, we went to NBCUniversal again.

We went on an impromptu tour of their main studio and of the newsroom floor. We had the amazing opportunity to speak with Zoya Taylor, who was our incredible tour guide. She introduced us to Gadi Schwartz, a correspondent for NBC News, and I had the opportunity to “pick his brain” about his career and his journey to becoming a correspondent. While we were there, I actually spotted one of my past colleagues from my internship at NBC News at 30 Rock and had the chance to reconnect with her on the west coast. We even had the opportunity to sit in on the control room during the “Nightly News” programming with Lester Holt.

Today was an amazing day, and our visit to NBC News solidified my yearning to be apart of the news/breaking news industry and opened up some connections for me. There was just this feeling of excitement and eagerness in my heart when we walked into that newsroom. The correspondents we spoke with even offered to critique my talent reel, which was a huge step for me! This trip has helped me to create so many connections with noteworthy alumni and professionals but today felt… different; but a really good different.

And the award goes to…

By: Caroline Lea

This morning, Mark Braco, a Hofstra alum and the EVP of Programming and Development at Dick Clark Productions, came to Emerson to chat with us. Dick Clark Productions is the production company that puts on many well known awards shows and live events such as “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,” “American Music Awards,” “Billboard Music Awards,” and “Golden Globes.” Live television production is really what drew me to the industry and helped me choose my college major. Growing up doing theater, I knew I loved the rush of putting on live shows. I also loved photography, cameras, and technology. All of those elements are utilized in TV so pursuing a career in television seemed like the only logical answer. Mark spoke about his experiences in television and all of the jobs he’s held along the way which was fun, especially hearing that he had interned with a company I had. Everything else he told us about his journey to where he is now was fascinating, but not quite as fascinating as hearing about all of his stories from Dick Clark Productions. He told a story of finding backup talent in case booked talent couldn’t make it on or fell ill. This is such a common thing in theater and I remember having to deal with this before. I have so many memories from on the fly problem solving during plays and musicals, so hearing about Mark’s similar encounters gave me a similar rush of adrenaline I got from theater. They also were great examples of how to handle crazy moments that we will inevitably run into one day!

Netflix networking

By: Heather Konefsky

Today we had a meeting with Netflix, and it really stood out to me. As soon as we walked into the office, I felt like that was where I wanted to be. The lobby was so welcoming, and everyone working there was so unbelievably nice. Even walking through the office space, it was so inviting. The space was full of snacks and drinks. The office seemed to create a space that welcomed conversation and relationships between employees. We spoke to Glenn Nanno and Amanda Beckner. Glenn is the product manager and Amanda is the manager for independent films. 

When we started talking to them, Glenn spoke a lot about their business model. They seemed very confident about Netflix doing well, even with other streaming services forming. Since Netflix was the first big streaming service and has content for everyone, the Netflix employees believe it can continue to grow more than we have ever seen. After they talked about their statistics, it made me more confident that streaming services are something that will create a lot of opportunity for me.

When we continued talking, I realized that streaming will be harder to get into than I thought. I wasn’t sure how production crews got hired for original content produced by streaming services, until this meeting. They told us production crews that are on set everyday are typically hired by line producers on specific shows. This means you would have to have those connections already formed. Netflix does hire some production staff, but they are more involved in the big picture. Glenn described them as “bird’s eye.” I think I want to do more hands-on production, so I think I will have to try to work on more network shows to build up connections and eventually, build enough connections to work on a Netflix original. 

I can NB-see my dreams coming true here

By: Kalle Neuman

I know this has already come up in previous blog posts, but the love of my life is truly NBC. Today, I got to spend part of the day in my happy place, which was a studio at NBC News, here in Los Angeles. The meetings with Mark Bracco and Netflix were also amazing, but the time we spent at NBC was incredibly meaningful and special for me. I have been a fan of virtually everything that NBC does and has done in the past since I was 13 years old, and that’s the reason I’m pursuing a career in television. It’s still surreal to me that I got to spend an entire semester interning at MSNBC and working in 30 Rock, which was a dream I didn’t think would ever come true. Every day that I got to spend in that building was an absolute gift that I cherished. Being in that control room and studio today at NBC News Los Angeles gave me the exact same feeling and getting to speak with Gadi Schwartz, who I respect and idolize, was something I am beyond thankful for. I feel like every second of this trip so far I’ve just looked around and been struck by how fortunate I am and can’t believe the incredible opportunities that I’ve been given. I almost wish I could go back and tell that 13 year old me that someday I would get to do things that I dreamed of but never realistically believed I would be able to do, and that all the insanely difficult things I’ve done to get here would be worth it.

Time may change me

By: Aliyah Dinkins

At this moment, we are one day over halfway through our program here in L.A. and I have to say that it has been transformative thus far. I arrived confident that what I wanted to do after graduation was be a production assistant for a late night or early morning show in Manhattan and eventually, create children and young adult programing for Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network. Over the span of just six days, that has change dramatically. My interests have expanded; I realized that I can turn my “silly” hobbies and obsessive passions into a career now that I have been exposed to all of these different companies, job opportunities, and perspectives from people who were once in my shoes. 

My new interest in careers post completing my undergraduate degree include (but are not limited to): animation, drama, comedy, romance, directing film, director of photography for film, writing for television, being a television producer, being a show runner, producing content for Netflix, working on the Warner Brother’s lots, working for Disney, working for Viacom, becoming a page, working as an office assistant, freelancing, eventually going to graduate school, or doing some work in film distribution. It is safe to say that having a concrete view of what I wanted out of life to having that completely change in less than a week’s time is a very overwhelming thing. This is where I am at on day six, I can only imagine how my interests will have expanded by day eight or even day 10. I guess we will find out. Until we meet again… 

New year’s, Netflix, and news

By: Kat Holm

Today encompassed a bunch of my career interests, starting off with our meeting with Mark Bracco from Dick Clark Productions. It was wonderful getting to know Bracco and all the well-known productions he’s done. The “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” special has been watched by my family every year since before I was born, so being able to meet one of the major people behind the show was incredibly inspiring. Being both a television and film major, I am drawn to both taped and live shows, even though I do consider myself more of a film person. Since I am open to both, I am really interested in reaching out to see if I would be able to get an entry level position for a company like Dick Clark Productions, where I would be able to work in a production setting.

After brunch, we went to Netflix. To provide some context, Netflix is one of the companies I know I would love to work for. I appreciate that Netflix has in-house production personnel as well as freelancers that are brought on set for Netflix originals. One of the things that scares me about production work is that it’s only offered as freelance and I wouldn’t be able to have a stable full-time job working in that setting.

Finally, we ended off the day at NBC News. News isn’t something that I’m entirely attracted to working in, but I really enjoy technical directing as well as camera operation. I appreciated how open Gadi and Steve at NBC were to talking with us about issues in the news industry. While we were there, we also got to see one of the afternoon shows go live. Seeing everything today opened my mind to how many options I have post-graduation and I’m looking forward to seeing what else I like tomorrow.

Netflix to NBC

By: Christina Morgana

Today was a very busy Monday, filled with meetings. We met with Mark Bracco of Dick Clark Productions, Glenn Nanno and Mandy Beckner of Netflix, and Gadi Schwartz, Zoya Taylor, and Steve Patterson of NBC News. The meeting with NBC made me really reconsider the career path I want to pursue in the future. I have always seen myself in live television, or at least, in a studio to some capacity. Whenever people ask me what I want to do in the future, I typically say news or late-night shows. However, after today, I feel that news may not be a great fit for me. First and foremost, as opposed to my peers, I feel as though I am not informed enough to be in the news industry. While I believe it is important to stay informed, I find myself tuning out to an extent on current events, especially politics.  Hearing repetitive news headlines deters me from constantly checking what is going on in the world.  Holding a job in that field forces you to stay informed not only on the news of your network but all the competition when in the news business. After we got a tour of the offices, Gadi sat us down and created a “focus group,” as he called it, to ascertain how we receive our news and general questions and preferences on how we want to be informed in the future. After hearing my peers’ opinions, I found that I did not have specific answers to a lot of his questions: having no “solutions” to the optimal news platform for all generations.  

While I thought this may be a career path for me previously, I’m glad I figured out early enough in my college experience that this may not be the job for me. Like Payton said yesterday, it’s ok to change your mind on what you want!

Start Spreading the News…

By: Daniella Colletti

Although day six in L.A. was all absolutely incredible, I have to spend my 250 words discussing my favorite part of the day, which was the Q&A/meeting with Mark Bracco.  Wanting to be a personal publicist and/or be an event coordinator, I was amazed at all of Mark’s work at Dick Clark Productions as EVP.  It blew my mind to hear about his necessary role in making sure each award show, including the American Music Awards and the Billboard Music Awards runs as quickly and smoothly as possible.  

Something I always wanted to know about these award shows is how each artist is chosen to perform, considering that when I do watch these shows, sometimes there are artists that I don’t know, or wonder why someone else wasn’t chosen to perform.  Mark explained the process about how the top picks are the ones who are nominated for the most awards and then it trickles down from there.  In the end, if they still have a few spots to fill, they will go for newer artists.  Although this seems simple, this was something fascinating to me as an avid music award show fan.  Listening to him speak about working with some of my favorite artists like Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers, Drake, and others in these events had me starstruck.  I am so happy I got the opportunity to meet him and get some great advice about the entertainment industry in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles NBC

By: Kathryn Harley

It was another wonderful day today here in the Hofstra in L.A. program! Though we had many exciting meetings today, our time with Mark Bracco, the EVP of Programming & Development at Dick Clark Productions, truly stood out to me. 

We could tell from the moment he stepped in the room, it was clear that he was just as excited to speak to us as we were to speak to him. Mark’s passion for his job was clear as he spoke to us about his experiences, both past and present. Throughout this entire trip, I’ve learned so much about how expansive this industry is and all of the different opportunities that are possible. Speaking with Mark opened my mind to yet another facet of the industry that I could picture myself working in. I’ve always been passionate about music, and Mark’s job provides another avenue to pursue working with it in the industry.

It was fascinating to hear about Mark’s experiences in organizing Dick Clark’s live productions, particularly the award shows like the Billboard Music Awards and the American Music Awards. I’m also interested in working directly with talent, so it was amazing to hear that that aspect is also included in Mark’s role.

Mark also provided great insight into what entry level positions in the industry are like and how to create a network among those you work with. We also discussed what makes applicants stand out and how to thrive in these positions. This topic in particular stood out to me as someone who is anticipating graduation next December! I greatly appreciated the insight and wisdom that Mark provided will stick with me for a long time and will definitely impact the way I approach my future career. 

Later on in the day, we had the opportunity to meet with Netflix and NBC News, where we learned more about their companies and roles within them. I’m so excited to see what the rest of the week has in store!

Live from L.A.

By: Jared Brown

Dick Clark Productions, Netflix, and NBC News are three of the most pivotal companies that shape the contemporary media landscape. Today, we met with Hofstra alumni and representatives from all three. 

Mark Bracco of Dick Clark Productions, came to meet with us today. He is the Executive Vice President of the large production company. He told us about the award show process and the intensity of the industry pressure. It was interesting to hear about how the award shows have evolved in the new era of media. Furthermore, I learned about the complexity of producing a live show. 

So far, the Netflix office was my favorite. The walls in the lobby were all digital, and the receptionist even gave out laptop stickers. Each floor of the office also had a pantry and refrigerator stocked with goodies. In the meeting room, we sat on a circular couch and listened to Mandy Beckner, the Director of Original Independent Film, and Glenn Nano, who is a product manager. Netflix’s goal is to be able to create content for every audience so that subscribers have multiple options in the genre they like. Before pursuing a movie or show, there are two questions Beckner asks herself. One is, “who is the audience?” the other is, “who is the story about?” Since the company is very audience-driven, if one or either of these questions cannot be answered, then the project might not get the green light. I asked the duo about how they are adapting to the additional streaming sites coming into the market. They both said that they welcome the competition because it gives more outlets for storytellers to get their content on user’s screens. Distinguishably, Netflix tries to give storytellers the most artistic freedom as possible, which allows them to be passionate about their product. The meeting was detailed, informative, and the work culture was extremely admirable. 

At NBCUniversal News Group, I was fortunate enough to meet a few of the most respected professionals in the news industry. Gadi Schwartz, Steve Patterson, Polly Powell, and Zoya Taylor welcomed us into their workplace with open arms. We learned about the morning and nightly news routines, and about the snapchat news series they produce. After the tour, we had a meeting with Shwartz, who is the host of Snapchats, “Stay Tuned.” Here he was asking us questions, and we were able to both learn from each other about the consumption habits of news media. 

Today, like every day, was enlightening and enjoyable. Today’s lessons will better prepare me for the work world, and I appreciate the men and women who take time out of their day to speak to students like myself. 

Netflix, Music, and News

By: Julia Farella

Monday means we’re back on the business grind. We woke up bright and early and got ready to meet with Mark Bracco with Dick Clark Productions. This was something I was looking forward too due to Dick Clark Productions producing shows such as Rockin’ New Year’s Eve and Billboard Music awards. This was something that I have considered as a career because a friend of mine worked Rockin’ New Year’s Eve for two years. It was very interesting to learn about their production schedules and how they are constantly working with artists to put on the best show possible. He gave great advice about starting your career in production, working with artists, and moving up the corporate ladder. 

Next we met with Glenn Nanno and Amanda Beckner at Netflix. What I loved about going to visit Netflix was learning about the continuous growth of the company. Netflix began as a small streaming service but became a giant for film, documentaries, and television shows. It was great to talk with Glenn and Amanda about the future growth of the company and what is coming next for Netflix. They really cared about the user experience and it shows in every project that they work on. After we met with Zoya Taylor and Gadi Schwartz at NBC News. News has been an interest of mine due to the control room aspect of the programming. It was cool to talk with Gadi about how our generation views the news and what we are looking for news going forward. It was also really cool to watch a live broadcast from the control room and to see all of the technical people in action. It already furthers what I knew about my love of the control room. I love the high stakes and the past paced energy of the news world. Tomorrow, I am extremely excited to continue our meetings and go to our reception at the DGA and network! Let’s hope some good connections come my way.

Stay Tuned: Great Things to Come

By: Paula Chirinos

My classmates and I were clumped up inside one of the newsrooms at NBCUniversal and as soon as silence filled the room, we heard a backdoor fly open. Through the left side of my peripheral vision, I saw him…the man…the myth…the legend…Gadi Schwartz, NBC News correspondent and co-host of “Stay Tuned,” a program broadcast on Snapchat’s discover platform. 

The program launched right as I was trying to decide what career path I wanted to pursue as a sophomore at Hofstra University. Although I declared my major as Public Relations once I was accepted to Hofstra, I have always had a soft spot for journalism. I intensely follow global news since my family is subscribed to Latin American news programming in order to stay informed on major events that could affect the majority of our relatives which live in Peru. My appreciation for this profession grew further after I took a journalism course in high school which taught me the history and fundamentals of this sector. Seeing figures like Gadi Schwartz, a native of Guatemala, succeed in a major television network such as NBC, greatly inspires me to stay in this industry. I was fortunate enough to be able to speak to Gadi and learn some great tips. I also got to network with Steve Patterson and have a long discussion about the importance of diversity in media. 

I am confident that I will be able to translate all the insight I learned today, towards my future career…make sure to stay tuned! 

Lightbulb Moments

By: Emmeline Blaner

With the number of meetings we have during our time in L.A., everyone is bound to have one meeting where they have an “aha!” moment. The moment when someone’s career trajectory or job role sparks your interest, and you realize they’re doing exactly what you want to do. For me, that was today’s meeting with Mark Bracco, the EVP of Programming and Development at Dick Clark Productions.

Growing up, it was shows like “So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD)” and “American Idol” that inspired me to work in television. I was always wondering what was happening behind the scenes and behind the cameras, and live event production was what I saw myself doing after school. Dick Clark Productions produces many such live events like “SYTYCD,” “Billboard Music Awards,” “American Music Awards,” and “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” These are all productions that I would love to get into as a crewmember, and this meeting left me inspired. I was also inspired by Mr. Bracco’s career, from interning at “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee” to producing at “Good Morning America,” both shows that I grew up watching.

The most common piece of advice that has been given by many of the professionals we’ve met with is to work hard and be willing to do every task. In this industry, you have to pay your dues, and that usually means being the coffee runner. I’m feeling inspired to go back to New York and be the best coffee runner there is to eventually reach my dreams.

Good Evening, I am Penelope Lopez Reporting from Los Angeles …

By: Penelope Lopez

As a little girl getting ready for school, I remember how imperative it was to either have Univision or Telemundo on the television screen. Not only was this my morning coffee, it allowed me to stay connected with my Latino culture. Definitely, an asset (being bilingual) that I thank my mother for each and every day. Living in New York surrounded by over two million Latino Americans it was essential to perfect my Spanish in order to communicate with those individuals around me. I learned in my former internship where I was regularly asked to translate interviews and footage from Spanish to English that being bilingual sets you apart from the rest. Thus, knowing that this market is competitive and that there are a few journalists who speak multiple languages, I decided to brand myself as a Latina journalist. The only problem is that I needed help in which direction, company, and network I want or should approach. 

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with Gadi Schwartz and Karen Carranza at NBC News and Telemundo. Here, Mr. Schwartz opened my eyes to the third route journalist, who are aspiring to be World News Correspondent, can take and that’s through digital. Interestingly enough, I never thought of that possibility and was taken back that entering through the digital side of news could potentially lead me to my dream career.  After talking to Schwartz, I realized that I need to be particular in the way I brand myself and think about the way I want to share the news. Apart from this, Schwartz also gave an insightful point of considering the platform and learning how to articulate the news. Following this, I had the pleasure of briefly meeting with Mrs. Carranza who emphasized the value I had in the industry being bilingual. Not only did this spark a sense of optimism, it boosted my self-confidence to see that I am worthy and capable of achieving my goals. Today, my anxiety has simmered down after those meetings and I’ve learned to value and give myself a little more credit than I normally do. With that being said, I am looking forward to connecting with important individuals in the industry and expanding my networking pool. 

Networking at Netflix

By: Jessica Zagacki

It was a surreal experience to have a meeting at Netflix today. Like countless others, I have been an avid lover and consumer of several of Netflix’s original series for years now. Needless to say, I was very excited to tour the Los Angeles Netflix office and to get to hear from Mandy Beckner, the Director of Original Independent Film, and Glenn Nano, the Product Manager, for Netflix. From the moment we walked inside the building, I was in awe. The lobby was an open space decorated with several awards honoring some of Netflix’s productions. Written in its signature shade of red, the word “Netflix” proudly hung over the reception desk, where the receptionist kindly spread out several stickers for us to take, each one representing a different Netflix original or the company itself.

Upon choosing my “Stranger Things” and “Atypical”-themed stickers, Glenn Nano led our group upstairs to one of the conference rooms. Again, I was taken aback by the layout of the Netflix space. In the middle was a huge staircase and along the sides were plants (I believe that they are artificial plants, but they are still a beautiful, vibrant green addition bringing freshness and life to the office). Packages of snacks lined the walls on sides of the kitchen and dining spaces on each floor, along with several refrigerators that were fully stocked with a variety of beverages for employees. There were also little booths for employees to sit down with their food and do their work. It was exactly the laid-back, creative environment I would expect from a company as innovative as Netflix.

Once we went inside the conference room for our meeting, I was extremely engaged in hearing from Ms. Beckner and Mr. Nano. I love Netflix’s company culture. Moreover, I am very impressed with Netflix’s dedication to creating content and shining a spotlight on diverse voices and stories. It is clear to me that they are an extremely open-minded and collaborative company that values their employees and audiences worldwide, with the goal of delivering content for all types of people to enjoy. Working at Netflix, most likely in development and writing, has been a dream of mine for years. As I stood in the office space, staring out at the scenic mountain view and Hollywood sign, my visit today only furthered my excitement for this dream, as it confirmed that Netflix would be an incredible place to work and grow.