Day Four

Where’s Connie?

By: Joe Gilberto

Today we had a day to ourselves so we took some time off and decided to be genuine tourist for the day. We went on the Warner Bros. studio tour of the main lot and got to see a bunch of historic sites where iconic films and television were made. From the imitation streets of Brooklyn, New York to the gazebo of Stars Hollow, the Warner Bros. back lot is constantly changing to fit the needs and desires of many talented creators. The only rule on the back lot is you can do whatever you would like to the sets as long as you restore them to their original condition. From there we went to the front lot where dozens of sound stages are used and constantly changed to fit the needs of hundreds of films and television programs. We got to take an up close look at the set of “Lucifer” and learn about all the tricks of fake stairways leading to nowhere and large panoramic print outs subbed in for real city skylines. Sadly, due to a system malfunction, most of us did not get to see the sets of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “Conan”, but I was satisfied just getting to see the real “Friends” fountain and take a picture on a replica of the iconic couch from the opening credits. As the tour ended we got to do a self-guided portion where we could see real scripts from “Friends,” set replicas from both “Friends” and “The Big Bang Theory,” and even take a look at real Oscars and Emmys won for projects ranging from “Tweetie Bird” to “Batman: The Animated Series.” Being on the Warner Bros. studios tour made me feel closer to action in Hollywood and I would readily go back to see it all over again.

Where’s Connie?

By: Heather Konefsky

Today was our first completely free day in Los Angeles. We began the day with a group tour of Warner Bros. The tour was fascinating because we got to drive around the back lot. We saw exteriors of houses where shows like “Friends,” “Gilmore Girls,” and “Pretty Little Liars” were filmed. This was the first time I got to see in person what sets like this looked like. This included a street where every building got progressively smaller to create the illusion of a longer street. We also got to see the prop house where props from many movies and television shows are stored. The tour also included a room with about 10 different vehicles from various “Batman” films, and then, we went outside to see the fountain from “Friends.” The tour then moved onto the archive house where there were props and costumes from “Aquaman,” “Wonder Woman,” multiple “Harry Potter” films, and “Fantastic Beasts.” There was an issue with the security system, so we could not get into any of the soundstages until after our tour ended, so we went and saw some more of the back lot that is not typically seen on tours. The tour ended in the gift shop where there were backgrounds set up for pictures from a few popular shows. Some of these sets let us see how the illusions are done on camera. My favorite was a table split into two that is used to make one person look massive and the other to look small. The props on the table are also different sizes for each person.

After the tour, we went to lunch and then hiked to the Hollywood sign. This was honestly the most painful part of the trip so far. Going into the hike, I did not expect it to be so long and difficult. The hike was about 3.5 miles each way and took a little over three hours to complete. While the hike was long, a few of us decided to go to the back of the sign. That was where the trail got extremely difficult. We did not have the best view of the sign and could only see about half of it in the pictures, but we were above it so we had an amazing view of the city. Having a day off let us do all of the tourist things we would not have time to do in between meetings. 

I didn’t see Connie all day, so who knows where she was?

Where’s Connie?

By: Kalle Neuman

I know I’ve said that everything so far has been incredible and amazing, but today was yet again, incredible and amazing. We had a day to take in the sights and relax as a group, and we got to go on the Warner Bros. studio tour. It was so cool to get to see all the different sound stages where so many incredible movies and shows have been recorded over the years. I was especially amazed by the many stages where “Casablanca” was filmed, and, of course, iconic shows like “Friends”, “Ellen”, and “Conan”. I got to see the gazebo and town square area from “Gilmore Girls” which is one of my favorite shows, and seeing Luke’s diner in person was so surreal. I also can’t believe that we got to see the iconic “Friends” fountain and take pictures on the couch in front of it. Getting to sit in Central Perk was also surreal because I have spent so many hours watching “Friends” that it really felt like a crazy fantasy or something.

The lunch we had at Paty’s was so good and I will definitely be revisiting that restaurant when I’m in L.A. again someday. Having the rest of the day to just relax and bond with everyone else was a much needed break, and again I can’t even express how thankful I am for this trip and for everyone else who’s here with me. I am so excited to see what the next week has in store, because these first four days have already blown my expectations out of the water.

Where’s Connie?

By: Michael Valentino

Today, I got to achieve something I had always dreamed of doing, and that is visiting the Warner Bros. lot. There is so much history present on the lot, and it was absolutely unbelievable getting to experience it.  We visited the many backlot sets of all the different towns and cities. It was truly amazing how realistic each one looked. My favorite was the town square, as this area was filled with iconic locations from numerous different television shows.  

We got to walk in the footsteps of some of the most A-List of actors and most memorable of scenes. It was truly special having the opportunity to be somewhere that means so much to me. After we toured the backlot, we then visited the soundstages. Unfortunately, due to a technical error, all of the stages were locked. Luckily, I made friends with one of the tour guides and asked when the issue was resolved, could they bring us to visit the set of “Ellen?” He said yes!

A few of us then visited Ellen’s studio, which was really a moment for me. I had always wanted to come to L.A. for this very reason, and to finally have this opportunity meant a lot. Also, it was a private tour, so we really got to take our time and check out many different areas of the show.  

After, our tour guide then took us to check out Conan’s studio. It was much smaller than I expected, but this was because he had revamped the studio to match his new format. This new studio allows for much more audience play, which is Conan’s favorite type of comedy.  

Overall, our visit to the Warner Bros. lot was something I will never forget, and it has really gotten me to think that I might be making the move to L.A. sooner than expected.

Where is everyone!?

By: Connie Castilla

Magical, inspiring, exciting and dreamy are all perfect words to describe our visit to Warner Bros. studios. We went on a tour around the sets from some of our favorite shows and movies such as “Gilmore Girls,” “Friends” and “Batman,” among others. It was so interesting to learn how sets are made and reused for other shows. For instance, our guide explained to us how the houses in the sets have been used for multiple shows, some of them even have double fronts so they become two different houses. They also manipulate leaves on the trees to change them from winter to summer depending on the season in the show– that is extremely impressive considering they are whole trees! 

Then we walked to other departments, my favorite being props. Our guide said – but don’t quote me on this — that they have over 10,000 props! There were things from “Casablanca,” “Friends,” and even a replica of the Oval Office used in “X-men.” That place was so interesting to see!

We also got to see original costumes from “Wonder Woman,” “Aquaman,” the “Harry Potter” series, and “Big Bang Theory.” They also had original drawings from “Looney Tunes” and “Scooby Doo.” I loved to see that. Finally, the store was so much fun! They had the Sorting Hat, and I became a proud Gryffindor. They were playing the beautiful song from “Casablanca”: “As Times Goes By” which I love so much.

However, my absolute favorite part was to see “Casablanca’s” Oscar for Best Picture. “Casablanca” is one of the first films I watched my first year at Hofstra that made me really fall in love with storytelling, so looking at its Oscar was very special. I was even more excited when I got to hold an Oscar myself — hopefully someday for real.

After this fun day, I love even more Warner Bros. and all the fantastic movies and shows they make. I feel so inspired to someday be part of a magical industry like WB.

For today, that’s all folks!

Where’s Connie?

By: Joe Unda

A free Saturday in L.A., what to do? How about going to tour the sets and studios that were used to create some of my favorite films and television shows? No complaints here. 

After our meeting with Jay Bastian yesterday, I was hungry for more behind the scenes looks and fascinating info, specifically about content I was familiar with. The Warner Bros. studio tour was exactly that. We boarded our cozy little tour bus and were soon driving around the exterior Warner Bros. lots. These sets were nothing short of astonishing. If somebody randomly threw me in the middle of these sets, there is no chance that I could tell that these were in fact fake streets (until of course one of these tours came around). The detail and ability to recreate an extremely well known and loved city is just plain impressive. Our tour guide brought us around to some of the houses and restaurants used for shows like “Gilmore Girls,” “Shameless,” “Friends,” and much more. Something that really struck me as interesting was the fact that they often used the same house for two different ones in a show, filming it from the back and front to create different looks. We also learned that in order to create a snow flurry for a production, they shoot potato flakes to imitate it. These and so many other inside facts and tricks made this tour and day as a whole one to remember.

Hopefully one day I’ll be able to return to the lots for something more than a tour. 

Day five, here we go. 

Where’s Connie?

By: Caroline Lea

After a busy first two days of meetings, we finally had a free day and a chance to rest… so we thought. It turned out to be probably the most eventful day so far, starting off with our Uber ride from campus to the Warner Bros. studios for a lot tour. We arrived excited for the day and our Uber driver almost got us kicked out of the lot by driving into the parking lot for the tour trolleys. After he backed out and apologized, we were thankfully allowed in. Everything continued fine from there, and we went on our merry way with our tour guide. After going around the backlot, we moved on to the front lot with the dozens of sound stages. Full of excitement, we hopped off the trolley and bounded up to the studio doors of “The Ellen Degeneres Show” only to suddenly be stopped at the door. The ID scanners on the lot had stopped working and we couldn’t get into any studios. After we made our way to the gift shop, some very nice Warner Brothers employees helped a handful of us get back and in to the studio for some photos before we left the lot. 

After stopping for some lunch, we hopped into another Uber to head up to the Hollywood sign for a hike. Once again, we were in for quite the eventful ride. We almost made it up to the top of the mountain to be dropped off at the Griffith Observatory until our driver blatantly ignored the traffic directors and headed back down the mountain. Upon being asked where he was going, he gave no answer and continued driving away from our drop off point and only stopped once Professor Morosoff demanded he did so. After hiking a mile up the mountain to the rest of the group, we continued on to another 7.5 miles of hiking. It may have been a long day and an exhausting trip up, but the view was worth it.

Where’s Connie?

By: Marissa Santorelli

Today was our first day without any meetings, so we all had the opportunity to do whatever we pleased. Most of us chose to go to Warner Bros. studios for a guided tour through the lots and museum. We all convened in a small theater to view an introductory video and then split up into two groups to board separate trams to take us through our Warner Bros. journey. We perused one of the Warner Bros. lots, where we saw the sets of where all of their films and shows were made. We saw the shells of homes used as establishing shots from shows like ​”Friends​” to ​”Pretty Little Liars.” ​We saw props and memorabilia from​ “Harry Potter” and got to see all of​ Batman​’s famous vehicles. We also got to see the fountain and couch from “Friends​,” definitely the highlight of my day. We then traveled to the different studios, ranging from where “Ellen” is taped to where “Conan” was taped. We even had the opportunity to go into Ellen’s studio! From there, we traveled through the Warner Bros. museum and viewed all of the historical content on display, from old costumes to photos to props to scripts. Then, we had the opportunity to visit the gift shop.

We promptly made our way to “Paty’s,” a delicious restaurant Dr. Gershon recommended to us. Immediately following lunch, a group of us traveled to the Hollywood sign to complete our daily activities. It was so nice to have a day to ourselves, to truly enjoy the hidden gems of L.A. to bonding time with our professors and peers.

Where’s Connie?

By: Christina Morgana

When this day was scheduled as a free day, I never thought I’d be so exhausted by the end of it. While tiring, I saw some of the great sites Los Angeles has to offer. Our first stop was the Warner Bros. studio tour. We started out by driving around the backlots of Warner Bros. in a cart, seeing sets from “Shameless” to “Friends.” Next, we sped past some studios home to famous shows, such as “Big Bang Theory” and “Ellen.” On our way back around, we made a pitstop at the “Friends’” fountain, seen in the opening credits of the show. We also got a walking tour through the prop house for all of their productions and a building with all of Batman’s vehicles, past and present. Unfortunately, we were unable to get into any of the stages because their system was down, so none of the guides’ key cards gave them access to the buildings. Instead, the group was led to the building housing “DC,” “Harry Potter,” and “Fantastic Beasts” props and costumes. To conclude our time at Warner Bros., we walked through a small “museum” that had old props and costumes from various shows. Being the big “Friends” fan that I am, I had to seize the other photo opportunity on the infamous “Friends Central Perk” couch.  

After that, part of the group decided to hike up to the Hollywood sign. When we arrived, we had a little trouble finding the other half of our group, as their Uber driver dropped them off at the wrong location. Once we finally found each other, we started our trek. The trip took about 3-4 hours for the whole hike and it was exhausting at points! Some of us decided to hike up to be behind the Hollywood sign, to get pictures of the town below us. Little did we know how steep that climb actually was! I felt like I was on Mount Vesuvius in Italy like I had experienced last summer. Once we got to the top, it was a beautiful overview of the city and the sunset was gorgeous. Although the hike was rough, it was an experience I will never forget. 

Where’s Connie?

By: Emmeline Blaner

After two great days of meetings, it was time to put on our casual clothes and have some fun! We woke up early and hopped in some Ubers to head to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, where we were able to see the lots where many famous tv shows and movies have been filmed, including “Friends,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “Shameless,” and the most exciting for me, the “Lucifer” set. It was cool to see the back lot of the studio, which is where they have exterior sets built to film city streets, neighborhoods, and towns. They also had exhibits for Harry Potter, “Aquaman,” and all of the Batmobiles from the Batman movies. There was also a photo opportunity where we were able to hold a real Oscar award, and we found out they’re very heavy.

We almost had to leave the lot without seeing the “Ellen” studio due to a system outage where they were unable to open any of the doors to the soundstage, and we were devastated. Luckily, our tour guide suggested that after the tour we ask another guide to take us in small groups later on, which we did. The staff were so nice and didn’t hesitate to help us out.

After the tour, many of us headed to the Griffith Observatory to find a trail to the Hollywood sign. The views from the observatory were breathtaking, and I can’t wait to head there tomorrow to check it out more thoroughly. The hike was about three miles each way, but I was determined to get to the very top of the sign. It was very steep, and my legs burned every second of it, but getting to the top and enjoying a view from all angles was absolutely worth it.

Today was a fun, relaxed day, and I’m proud that I pushed myself to see the best view in town. Seeing the city from the mountains was one of my favorite sights so far, so I’m excited to go back for more.

Where’s Connie?

By: Julia Farella

Saturday was filled with nothing short of adventure. The first stop of the day was to take a tour of the Warner Bros. studio lot. Our tour stopped at the prop building, Batmobile building, and we were able to see props and costumes from movies such as “Wonder Woman”, “Aquaman”, and the “Harry Potter” series. We were even able to visit the sound stages for hit shows such as “Ellen” and “Lucifer.” You may have thought that I would have been starstruck due to the fact that amazing talent has graced those sets but I was more excited about the artistry and technology. Seeing all of the cameras, the lights, and the way the sets were built was so cool to see considering we work with similar equipment at Hofstra. It showed me that in a couple of months I could be working in a similar setting once I graduate from Hofstra. Towards the end of our tour, we were even able to hold a real Oscar for an original “Looney Tunes” cartoon. The feeling of holding an Oscar in my hands was so surreal that I didn’t want to put it down. Maybe I’ll have one of my own, plus an Emmy, in my future.

The next stop for our day was to begin our journey to the Hollywood sign.The hike for us was about nine miles long in total but it was totally worth it. We joked around and chatted all while powering through the peaks and valleys of the hike. But nothing compared to finally reaching the top. Seeing the city of Los Angeles from so high up just showed how beautiful the city was and looking at the Hollywood sign was just as wonderful. I, of course, had to take tons of photos to send back to my family and friends back home. After looking at Los Angeles on top of the mountains it made me fall even further in love with the city. I still can’t believe that only a few days into this trip I would be considering moving out here. I guess it goes to show that nothing is impossible. 

Where’s Connie?

By: Jared Brown

Culture, food, and tourist exploration are beneficial to the California experience. Today, we turned from networking media students to tourists. We toured Warner Bros. studios and learned about the production of many historical films and shows. Although many people on my tour were star-struck when we saw the “Friends” couch, I was more fascinated by the intricate hard work these production teams put into each project. The props building was magnificent, and the inside looked like an antique shop. Everything was meticulous and handled with incredible care. There are over 20,000 props added to the building a year, furthermore depicting how hard these men and women work to bring stories to our television and movie screens. 

My mom is a major “Ellen” fan, and I was disappointed when the electrical security system went down before we can tour her studio. When the tour was over, I asked if the system is back up and running and if I can go back to stage one (where “Ellen” is taped) with a few friends. Fortunately for us, we were able to go back and see where one of the most popular talk shows ever created is recorded. I was thrilled to have this opportunity to take pictures to show my mom, who I miss very much. A stage nearby is the home of Conan’s show, which was also refreshing to explore. Afterward, we went to a nice diner-type place called Patys to fuel up before our hike to the Hollywood sign. In all, my Apple watch calculated that after the hike, I walked almost 10 miles. 

Although we had no formal meetings today, I learned a lot about Warner Bros., production, and more, which was fascinating. Today was a great day to explore, and I am eager to do more tomorrow. 

Where’s Connie?

By: Daniella Colletti

Saturdaze in L.A. was a great experience! We began the day with doing a tour of the Warner Bros. studio, which exceeded my expectations. I saw so many beautiful sets and lots that were used in some of my favorite shows. “Pretty Little Liars” was always one of my top shows growing up, so to see the “town” of Rosewood, including Aria’s house, Spencer’s house, the Town Hall, and “Rosewood High School” was so nostalgic. I even got to take a picture in front of “The Alibi,” or the bar Frank stumbles out of each day in the show “Shameless.” After the tour, I got to see where the magic happens at “The Ellen Show” studio!  I’ve always wanted to see this studio and I’m so glad I had the opportunity.

We concluded the day with something on my L.A. bucket list for the longest time, doing the Hollywood hike. We spent two and a half hours hiking up the mountain to the Hollywood sign, a total of eight miles.  The pictures we were able to get with the sunset and the Hollywood sign were absolutely breathtaking. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay long considering we had a four-mile hike back and it was soon-to-be dark out. But, I am so happy I had the opportunity to do this hike, as exhausting as it was. I might not be able to feel my legs, but how many people can really say they hiked eight miles to the Hollywood sign and back? 

Where’s Connie?

By: Jessica Zagacki

On day four of our Hofstra in L.A. experience, we had an early morning Warner Bros. studio tour. As much as I enjoy sleeping in, going on the tour was definitely worth losing a couple of hours of sleep. It was such a surreal experience to drive past the sound stages and backlots where countless iconic and beloved television series and movies have and continue to be shot. I was especially excited when we drove past the sound stage that “Friends” was shot and the sound stage that “Ellen” is shot. In addition, I really enjoyed going into the props building, where over 500,000 props are stored and touring the building where vehicles from “Batman” and “Suicide Squad” are preserved. However, perhaps two of my favorite moments of the tour were when we got to take a photo on the “Friends” couch in front of the “Friends” fountain and when we got to see costumes that were worn by actors in “Wonder Woman”, “A Star is Born”, and “Crazy Rich Asians”.

After the tour, a few of my peers and I grabbed lunch at the famous Roscoe’s House of Chicken N Waffles. If you are in the L.A. area, you need to go eat at this place. The chicken was so crispy, the waffles were so golden and airy, the mac and cheese was so savory, and the biscuit was so fluffy. It was definitely some of the best fried chicken and waffles I have ever eaten.

Once we fueled up at lunch, we were ready to take on the hike through the hills up to the Hollywood sign. The hike was extremely scenic and beautiful. Spending time out in nature, especially on a hike, is one of my favorite activities to do (not to mention that we took some epic pictures during the sunset).

This fun-filled day concluded with CityWalk again. Even though we went to CityWalk for lunch as a whole group the other day, it was really cool to go back there at night. It gave me a whole different perspective of such an interesting location.

Even though today was our day off, we still remained super busy! After all, when you’re in L.A., you have to remember to take advantage of every opportunity and every day.

Where’s Connie?

By: Penelope Lopez

In life, we are faced with many tribulations and hardships that at times, will knock us down. However, if we have a support system that will catch us when we fall, nothing becomes invincible. Today, we explored Warner Bros. studios and I had the pleasure of fan-girling to one of my favorite shows, “Friends.” During the tour, we cruised through certain movie and television show lots. One location in particular that was exciting was the introduction scene to the show “Friends,” where the cast sits on an orange-red couch behind a fountain. Here, those who loved or even hated the show “Friends” took a plethora of pictures replicating the iconic television show. Interestingly enough, this moment sparked a memory and reminded me of the different stories shared by several alumni: “I met this person who became my friend, who then introduced me to this person, and so forth.” In other words, most if not all of the alumni that made it in this industry made it through a friend or a friend of a friend. 

While there, I realized once again how networking is a pillar in launching someone’s career. In all honesty, it truly takes one person to give you an opportunity that will change your life. Thus, making connections along the way will not only help but improve your chances of succeeding. Furthermore, that is exactly what I am trying to do on this amazing journey I have in L.A. Not only am I trying to gain new professional individuals to my contact list, I am also trying to build genuine friendships with my generation of upcoming superstars. Overall, I had an incredible time taking the day to have some personal freedom and still network/bond with the students that I came with. 

Where’s Connie?

By: Kathryn Harley

Today was another beautiful day here in L.A. To get it started, the group travelled back to the Warner Bros. lot to take a tour of the studio. I’ve only ever been to Los Angeles one time previously, and this tour was one of the things I missed out on, so I was excited to get to it this trip. We had an amazing time touring the prop warehouse, different sets, and other show memorabilia kept on the lot. I have to admit that I’ve never seen an episode of “Friends” but sitting on the couch in Central Perk definitely made me want to give it a shot!

After wrapping up the tour of the lot, I had the opportunity to meet up with my friend Donia Firooz, who is a senior studying political science at Hofstra. Living across the country from one another, I’ve never been able to visit Donia here in her home state of California. While we caught up on the three weeks we’ve been apart, we grabbed lunch and strolled down Rodeo Drive. Beverly Hills was definitely much different from any place I’ve been before, and it certainly lives up to its name. Any time that I get to spend with Donia is amazing, and it was particularly special to be able to visit her in her home state, since we talk about California constantly. It was great to be able to venture out and explore another area of Los Angeles!

Though I had a great time with Donia, I missed my Hofstra in L.A. friends. I’m excited to spend more time with them and explore Santa Monica with them tomorrow!

Where’s Connie?

By: Paula Chirinos

Rattlesnakes, mountain lions, friends, Batman’s cave and chicken with waffles (what a day right?). Los Angeles keeps surprising me with crazy adventures and has given me the opportunity to bond with some great new people. 

I had no favorite moment in particular since the whole day was too amazing. Early in the morning, the group went on a Warner Bros. studios tour and learned a whole lot about the stages, props and pre-production work that goes into the making of beloved shows and movies such as “Friends”, “Ellen”, “Casablanca”, “Batman” and more. Unfortunately, my group didn’t get to visit the sound stage for “Ellen” (which really broke my heart) but we did manage to sit on the couch from the opening of “Friends”. We also got to take group photos at the Central Park cafe interior set and the living room set for the “Big Bang Theory”. I loved the photos so much that I purchased one of them at the gift shop after our tour.

In order to give myself enough energy to take on a major hike to the famous Hollywood sign, a group of my peers and I visited Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, a popular joint among celebrities and musicians. I even heard Adam Sandler held a party at the restaurant which made me even more impressed with the quality that Roscoe’s serves to its customers. 

Later in the evening, I was finally prepared to take on the Hollywood hills. After taking an Uber ride to the entrance of one of the hiking trails (we needed to give ourselves a head start), Kat, Jessica and I walked towards the Bronson Caves which were used for filming scenes from the classic Batman TV show. As we headed towards the sign, we were determined to reach our final destination. We weren’t deterred by the signs that warned us of mountain lions and rattlesnakes that we could encounter along the way, or the fact that we knew it would be dark by the time we headed back. After we took some Instagram-worthy photos along the trail, we met two new friends who were visiting from Texas and we all helped each other get back to civilization. While we were all scared thinking about the dangerous animals that lived around the area, we also got to bond and enjoy the view of the Los Angeles skyline. 

Once I got back to my room, I reflected on a major lesson of the day: never be afraid to take on scary journeys because you never know what you’ll find along the way.    

Where’s Connie?

By: Aliyah Dinkins

Today the other students and I were allotted a good amount of free time. During our regularly scheduled program, we are in and out of meetings with industry professionals at studios and networks all over L.A. with time for meals in between. Instead, we did not have any meetings today. This morning we filled that time with a guided tour through the widely famous and illustrious Warner Bros. studios. 

Daniel (our hilarious tour guide) drove us around the back and front lots of the studios. We got to see the prop and archive rooms, and had the opportunity to see the Bat Cave filled with the vehicles that have been used in Batman films for decades. Fun fact, the fasted vehicle in the cave can drive over 200 miles per hour!

After the guided tour, I spent the remainder of my day mingling with my peers, taking landscape photos (and some selfies because I found impeccable lighting), and I took a much needed (and well deserved) nap. After I finish up this post, I plan to end my night with catching up with my loved ones and catching some Z’s. Tomorrow the group and I are venturing off to the Santa Monica pier (which I am very much looking forward to), and we are ending the day with another alumni panel. This time we will get to meet alumni who are products of the Hofstra in L.A. program just like us, and I cannot wait to report on it. Until we meet again… 

Where’s Connie?

By: Katrina Holm

To respond to my post from yesterday, yes, it is very possible for every day to get crazier in L.A.! We went to Warner Bros. first thing in the morning to experience the backlot tour. It was incredible seeing all the work and behind the scenes effort that goes into making all of the blockbuster movies that we know and love. Disappointingly, our group was not able to view the “Ellen” soundstage, but we were able to get some great pictures by the “Friends” couch and fountain! 

For lunch we decided to go to Roscoe’s famous Chicken & Waffles. The food was delicious and satisfied all my cravings for crispy chicken. After lunch was when I made the worst decision of my entire life: going on a hike through the Hollywood Hills. During the hike we visited the bat caves, where the “Batman” television show was filmed, as well as some other scenes from various films. Everything seemed fine until we began the tedious trek up to the Hollywood sign. The further up we hiked, the more signs we saw warning us of rattlesnakes and mountain lions. The sun began its descent slowly before we had reached the top, we weren’t certain that we’d have any sunlight left for our trip down. After snapping the necessary Instagram photo with the Hollywood sign, we rushed to the bottom and made it out of the park. I know my legs are definitely going to be very sore tomorrow! 

P.S. Did anyone find Connie yet?